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BC Seeds Reviews

BC Seeds Reviews

BC Seeds Reviews

BC Seeds reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Canada’s goto store for marijuana seeds. BC Seeds has got to be the world’s most famous seed bank for high THC strains. They have the most potent strains on earth and they created the first genetically modified cannabis seeds.

BC Seeds Strain Reviews

They’re best strains include Sky Heaven Bud, Oracle Bud, Forever Buds. BC is most famous for their Elephant Bud which is selling like crazy around the world. If you’re looking for Legit BC Seeds, then make sure you only buy from, they have strict quality control and you can only buy their seeds directly from the breeder. So if you want to grow the best weed at home, make sure you check them out, they have a huge assortment of strains.

Cutting Edge Cannabis Breeding

This seed company has one of the most ceative breeders out there. They always come out with ground breaking strains that blows away teh competition. I can’t wait to see what strains they release this year. I’d say they have to be the most innovative and cutting edge breeders there is. They’re my personal favorite seed bank and my daily smoke is their Realm Awakening bud. It’s takes me to places unknown.

Fast World Wide Steath Shipping

So you should visit their shop today and check out what all the hype is about. They’ve been around for about twenty years and they ship worldwide. I see in the forums that Australian customers are very pleased with their stealth shipping methods and Canada is always bragging about fast next day delivery. So if you’re in a pinch and need some seeds right away, then buy some great strains because BC Seeds reviews are 10 out of 10.

Outstanding Product Support

BC Seeds stands behind every single seed they sell. They only sell the cream of the crop seeds. So lets say they harvest a plant with 300 seeds, they then hand select only the best and healthiest seeds from that plant. They usually end up with about 80 seeds that they will sell to thier customers. That’s why their germination rates are 100%. You can contact the breeder directly with any questions you may have.


BC Seeds Reviews are excellent and you should place your next bean order with them. You’ll get an outstanding product at a great price that is properly packaged. They always ship in a timely manner. The only downside is their payment options. They don’t accept many forms of payment, but this is constantly changing and you’ll only know what options are available during checkout.


BC Seeds Seed Reviews


BC Seeds Reviews